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Engaging your Web into dynamic applications

Enterprise 2.0

Web 2.0 concepts have changed websites into rich and ease-of-use experience for social websites.

Engago Technologies believes Enterprise 2.0 will have the same effect on business and commerce, requiring rich and dynamic Web Applications and Web Services (SaaS).

The success of Enterprise 2.0 solutions and services will depend on the adoption rate of these applications, which is related to the perceived usefulness.

Enterprise 2.0 will have impact on almost all businesses, because of its disruptiveness.

Web Services

Distributing and installing software on local or company systems, requires adaptation to systems already installed. During operations it involves local maintenance and updatability, resulting in high running costs.

As the Web browser has spread universally on all imaginable clients (PC's, mobiles, phones, game consoles), it has become the unified platform to supply services to the world.

Using Web Services, anybody in the world, using any browser, can access multiple services, without any set up or installation of software.
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The AppMetrx Technology developed by Engago Technologies, is designed to support and develop, dynamic and enterprise level Web services and Web Applications.
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